Universal Water Swivel

Universal Water Swivel

This water swivel is mostly applied in the geological exploration, and it is made up of high-pressure sealing ring, core tubes and spindle. The universal water swivel is a long-wearing wash tube transmitting coolant (mostly water or drilling mud) to the inner diamond core bits.

1.The head of the swivel is equipped with lifting bail.
2.It is connected with BW rod box spindle.
3.Exceptional bearing lubrication makes a longer universal water swivel life.
4.Universal water swivel is of various threads and mountings and competent in replenishing high-pressure water, coolant, slurry etc.

They include BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ.

Universal water swivel and spare parts. They are classified into BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ.

Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment Co.,Ltd offers a series of drilling tools as a specialist universal water swivel supplier in China. For example, core barrel spare parts, PDC drill bits and head assemblies, etc. We corporate with DCDMA, Boart Longyear, and Sweden standards and ensure excellent product quality. Located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment is gifted with convenient sea, land and air traffic net work. We work with global partners and wait for your participation.

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