Drill Rod

Drill Rod

1.The drill rod of China Drill is of many thread types to meet different drilling needs.
2.Thread compound is a kind of lubricant used to reduce friction in drilling process..
3.Before drilling, drill rods should be in operation under the minimum recommended make-up torqueto pressure the box and pin. The drilling operation torque should be lighter than make-up torque.
4.Rod grease is used to lubricate the drill rod and the hole which can make a longer tool service life.
5.Drill rods are offered by the bundle.

Standard drill rod here we offer includeBQ,NQ,HQ,HWT.
BQ rod 1.5m (5fts), BQ rod 3m (10fts),
NQ drill rod 1.5m (5fts), NQ rod 3m (10fts),
HQ rod 1.5m (5fts), HQ rod 3m (10fts),
HWT drill rod 1.5m (5fts), HWT rod 3m (10fts)

Various thread types of drill rods are available. We will meet your demand for standard, deep, wide-diameter as well as conventional drilling.

Besides standard rods, Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment Co.,Ltd also provides V-Wall™ rod. Although 30% lighter than a standard rod, V-Wall™ rod increases 30% annular clearance. It speeds up the drilling of 50% and increases efficiency.

There are also genuine drill rod and patented drill rod, HD thread, conventional type as follows:
Genuine drill rod

1) Genuine drill rod in Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment is eligible with general standard for wireline coring. With more than 40 years of investigation and advanced manufacturing techniques, genuine drill rod has adapted to market needs.
2) Tubing of genuine drill is made from first-rate solid alloy steel and can be sold in all DCDMA sizes.
3) Thread of genuine drill is patent tapered and more effective in making and breaking of rod joints. 30% load efficiency is competent for average use.
4) Thru-wall heat treatment procedure offers 140% material power and lengthen thread wear life.
5) Case hardening—China Drill is the only producer of case-harden threads to minimize friction..

Patented Drill Rod

1) To ensure a good performance and long service life, our patented drill rod adopts patented heat treatment procedure as well as innovative engineering. Patented drill rod is used in requiring wireline applications to increase efficiency.
2) Tubing of patented drill rod is composed of excellent heat treated alloy steel with all DCDMA sizes.
3) Thread of patented drill rod includes course thread and fine thread. The course thread has a favorable effect in making and breaking. The fine thread contributes to a good performance in thin kerf wireline systems.
4) Thru-wall heat treatment process of patented drill rod performs on 175% material strength and increase thread wear life greatly.
5) Case hardening—Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment Co.,Ltd is the only producer of case-harden threads to minimize friction.

HD Threads

1) HD threads are used in large-size core drilling. It provides a powerful, rough thread profile for a tough drilling.
2)Tubing is made from heat-treated alloy steel. It features long-lasting concentricity, straightness, and provides all DCDMA sizes tubing
3)The larger, deeper threads give consistent durability.  40% of load is efficient in drilling large holes.
4)Case hardening—we are the only producer of case-harden threads to minimize friction.

Conventional drill rod
1)The conventional drill rod is composed of a tubular body with friction soldered pin and box. It is widely used in conventional, geotechnical, environmental and rotational use.
2)The tapered thread is an API thread alike. It is made by using DCDMA gauges which is beneficial in rod joints application and with greater pulling load capacity.
3)Mid body tubing is made from superior alloy steel.
4)Conventional drill rod plays the same role as parent material by omitting the disadvantages of brittle material made by general welding techniques.

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